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What Does Auto Start Stop Mean?


  • Auto Start Stop refers to the gas saving technology on a vehicle that turns it off when at a stop sign or stoplight and then back on when the vehicle accelerates again.
  • Auto start stop became used in the mid 1970s and became very popular in Europe before taking foothold in America.
  • Many people find that the auto start stop technology does not save that much on gas but does wear out engine parts quicker.


Auto Start Stop technology automatically turns your vehicle’s engine off once it comes to a complete stop–and yes, we mean a complete stop everywhere including stop lights, stop signs, sudden brakes, you get the idea.  If you’ve never experienced this technology, it’s not hard to imagine how annoying it could be. Now, don’t worry because  there are devices such as the Autostop Eliminator that can disable this feature. But before we get ahead of ourselves and start scrutinizing the Auto Start Stop Engine, let’s acknowledge the creator’s initial intent. Keep reading until the end to find out what the Autostop Eliminator is and how it relates to your Auto Start Stop Engine. 

Auto Start Stop Engine Brief History

The main intentions behind the Automatic shut off engine was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also improving fuel efficiency. This invention, like many others at the time, was in response to the increase of air pollution. There was, however, quite a bit of controversy on the technology and how it affects the vehicle’s longevity–do the pros outweigh the cons? That’s for you to decide. Anyways, following the Clean Air Act monitoring and putting a set of required standards on automakers, the Auto Start Stop Engine was one of many different strategies to reduce vehicle’s contribution to air pollution. 

The Auto Start/Stop Feature technology was first introduced on the six-cylinder Toyota Crown in 1974. Auto Start/Stop technology was specifically designed to help reduce gas consumption starting with a 10% gas savings in traffic. The auto start/stop technology populated further into the 1980s and 90s, except under different product names depending on the auto brand. Manufacturers continued to reevaluate and improve the technology and in 2010, Valeo introduced the second generation of start-stop engines

Many automakers began producing vehicles solely with a Auto Start Stop Engine including but not limited to:

In more recent years, however, there has been proof of Auto Start Stop Engines causing significant engine damage and negatively affecting the vehicle’s longevity. 

Auto Start Stop Technology Mechanics

Like we said earlier, the Auto Start Stop technology automatically shuts your engine completely off when your vehicle comes to a full stop. If you’re really wanting to know the mechanics of it, the tachometer needle moves to the “Auto Stop” position when it is triggered by the pushing of the brake. Once you press the accelerator, the needle moves back to its original position, restarting your engine typically within 30 seconds. This might seem a little nerve wracking for those of us who don’t like getting honked at because your engine shuts off at a red stop light. Lucky for us, there is a way to temporarily turn this feature off with the push of a button, but with that comes inconveniences. Check out our other blogs like “Auto Start Stop - What is this Feature?”, “How Auto Start Stop Technology Works“, and others  to learn more about the manual Auto Start Stop technology shut off. 

Auto Start Stop Technology and Engine Damage

Since its very first introduction, Auto Start Stop technology has received its fair share of criticism with accusations of engine damage and the shortening of vehicle life. This is because starting and stopping your engine puts the most wear and tear on your vehicle. This is especially true in the case of what’s called a “cold start up” which means your vehicle hasn’t been started in several hours. Older models that have the Auto Start Stop Engine weren’t made to withstand more than double the usual 100,000 start and stop cycles a vehicle endures, causing way more harm than good. Make sure to check out some of our other blogs including “Can you permanently disable Auto Start-Stop?”, “Turn Off Auto Start Stop Feature on Your Subaru to Save Money”, and others.

How to Disable Auto Start Stop Technology

Our motor vehicle accessory product, the Autostop Eliminator, safely plugs into your car, disabling your vehicle’s automatic engine shut off technology. The Autostop Eliminator does not void any car warranties or change any presets. In less than five minutes, this disabler of the auto start/stop system can be functioning on your vehicle. We carry a model for many different vehicle makes, check out our website to see if we carry our product for your vehicle make, and visit our other blogs to learn more about the Autostop Eliminator.


  • I purchased your system for my wife’s 2019 Subaru forester. She got use to the auto shutoff button but every time I drove the car I would forget the stupid button. Your system works great. The instruction were easy to follow and the installation was easy. Thank you so much for something that lives up to the sales pitch.

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