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: Hyundai Auto Start-Stop Disable

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  • 2019-2020 Hyundai Santa Fe Autostop Eliminator
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Disable ISG

When Hyundai decided to start manufacturing vehicles that utilized the auto idle stop and go (ISG) feature, they chose not to include a way to permanently disable the auto start-stop. So if you want to drive without the engine stopping at every stoplight, you are forced to manually push the disable ISG button to disable this feature, every time you start your Hyundai vehicle. We, like you, found this to be a bit annoying and frustrating. Why should you, or anybody else, be forced to remember to turn something off, every single time you turn on your vehicle? We didn't think that was fair either, nor did we find it a good use of your mental focus while you are driving through the busy streets of your city or town. We knew that we needed to create something to alleviate this driving distraction and help the overall safety of the drivers on the road. That is why we developed our easy-to-install, Autostop Eliminator device which solves the problem of being able to disable ISG immediately. Just plug it in and go.


The way that this technological advancement works is simple for you and the drivers in your family. Without making any changes to the Hyundai computer system on your vehicle, our device will electronically inform the vehicle to turn the ISG feature off and keep it off. This device will prevent you from having to manually disable the auto start-stop feature after each ignition cycle. In addition to disabling the auto start-stop system, the Hyundai ISG feature can easily be reactivated at the press of a button, if you decide you need to use it. The best part about the Autostop Eliminator is, this amazing device gives you back the power to control when & where your engine shuts off. Yes, YOU will have full control over the ability to disable the auto start-stop feature on your Hyundai vehicle.


We want you to have the full confidence you need to make the decision to purchase the auto stop-start device for your vehicle. Please look us up online. You will see many unsolicited reviews on a lot of different sites out there like Facebook or eBay and some of those reviews can also be found throughout our site. Our word-of-mouth has really been growing over the last few years. If there are questions coming to your mind, many of those questions you have can be quickly answered by visiting our FAQ section. After visiting our FAQ section, you did not find your answer or you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us. We will work to respond to your emailed inquiry quickly with answers to any questions you may have. The support you need is only an email away. 


Has the engine on your Hyundai car, truck or SUV experiencing a shutoff at every stop light? Are you ready to safely disable the auto start-stop feature on your Hyundai vehicle? Get the top ranked Autostop Eliminator for your vehicle today and enjoy your drivetime again without the worry that your engine is going to shut off.