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Please take a moment to read the following. Seriously, please read it.

Looking for a phone number?
We prefer our customers use the contact form or email, but we'd be happy to speak with you by phone if needed. Just leave your number and a short message letting us know to call you. We'll call you as soon as possible.

Have an urgent matter?
Rest assured that we will see your message, and we always double-check messages before processing orders. If you're mid-install and need help, tell us, and we'll do our best to get back to you quickly.

Device not working?
We are honest people and we sell great quality products. We test each and every device, so please do not assume your device is defective. Literally over 99% of issues are caused by something simple like a misunderstanding how the device works, having the wrong device for your vehicle, or improper installation. Regardless, we're here to help.

This isn't the place for your resume.
While it's great that you might have worked as a mechanic for 30+ years, following our instructions carefully is what's important.

Have an unlisted vehicle?
The moment a device is available, it's on our website. Feel free to put in a request for a new product, but the devices we offer are already listed.

Please double-check your email address. If you have a typo in your email address, you won't receive our response. If you don't hear back within one business day, check your spam folder.