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Before filling out the form below, please take a moment to read the following.

Have an urgent matter?
Rest assured that we will see your message, and we always double-check messages before processing orders. If you're mid-install and need help, tell us, and we'll do our best to get back to you quickly.

Looking for a phone number?
If the matter requires a phone conversation, we'd be happy to speak with you. Just leave your number and a short message letting us know to call you. We'll call you as soon as possible.

Think your device may be defective?
Defects are extremely rare. Most "issues" are a misunderstanding of how the device works. The Autostop Eliminator functions to restore the last state. Assuming OFF is your preference, you may need to manually turn auto start-stop OFF once. After that, it'll stay OFF.

Have an unlisted vehicle?
The moment a device is available, it's on our website. Feel free to put in a request for a new product, but the devices we offer are already listed.

Please double-check your email address. If you have a typo in your email address, you won't receive our response. If you don't hear back within one business day, check your spam folder.