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How Auto Start Stop Technology Works


  • Auto start-stop technology is designed to shut off your vehicle's engine when it comes to a stop, and then restart when you accelerate again.
  • Because the engine is turning off and on exponentially more times than a vehicle without auto start-stop tech, the ignition parts wear out faster and can be costly to fix.
  • By getting an aftermarket auto stop disabler, like Autostop Eliminator, you can control when & where the auto start-stop technology works.


Love it or hate it, the auto start stop feature (also known as ESS, idle start stop, ISG stop & go, or idle stop) on new vehicles is becoming more standard with every passing year. This new and common feature was designed by manufacturers to turn off an engine when it is at idle to help combat high fuel consumption. Yet, this feature can provide some headaches for car owners. Here we break down the operation of the auto start stop feature so you are more aware of what is actually going on when your car suddenly stops at a red light and what is at risk of having long term issues. 


In order for your vehicle to know how and when to shut off the car's engine when it is stopped, a lot of components need to be able to communicate and work together. One common method vehicles use to decide when to engage the auto start stop is when the vehicle has reached 0 MPH and that the brake pedal is engaged. While other makes may take in more variables through the vehicle's multitude of sensors in order to know when to engage the auto start stop feature. The downside to these variations in the car manufacturers’ technological approach is that, all features are not created equally. These inconsistencies can eventually turn into inconveniences and frustrations over time if the performance is not what you were expecting as a new car owner


While the auto start stop feature can seem like a good feature, the truth is that it could be causing more harm than good. For instance, the starter on your car can be worn down quicker by the overuse of it, because the car needs to engage it much more as the vehicle shuts off at complete stops. Also, this extended use could wear on the car’s battery as when the engine is shut off, the rest of the car’s components will need to rely on the battery alone to keep them powered. Even though manufacturers claim to be combating these by over-sizing components and extra battery monitoring, the truth is that its not completely infallible and extended use could lead to part failures. Thankfully, there is a simple and easy solution to these potential issues that is as easy as just plugging it in. 


Outside of the annoyance that the auto start stop feature can cause, the additional wear on a vehicle can be worrisome. Do not fear, the technology to bypass the auto start stop feature is out there and more cost effective than you think. With pricing around $100, you can keep the auto start stop feature off without having to push the button each time. Auto start stop devices remember your preference for this feature and accomplish this task without voiding your vehicle’s warranty. These smart devices are simple computers that will manage the auto start stop feature for you, safely and effectively. Keep the auto stop start off today and have the peace of mind that your car’s components are not being overused. 


Finally, there is automotive technology that can disable the annoying auto start/stop system on your vehicle, FOR GOOD! Our product, the Autostop Eliminator, safely and easily plugs into your car to provide you with the peace of mind of never having to hassle with the feature again. The location of each connection for the Autostop Eliminator is different for each make but still very simple to install. The Autostop Eliminator also does not void any car warranties. In less than five minutes, this disabler of the auto start/stop system can be functioning on your vehicle. When the Autostop Eliminator is activated, it will remember your preference of having the auto start/stop system on or off without you having to push the button every time you get in your vehicle. It can easily be turned on or off depending on where you are driving and personal preference. 


  • Bypasses the annoying auto start stop feature
  • Does not void your vehicles warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to install
  • No more button pushing every time the car is started
  • Remembers your preferences

We carry an Autostop Eliminator model for many different vehicle makes. With our 60 day money back guarantee, we know you will be happy with how this product works. Click here to see if we carry an Autostop Eliminator for your vehicle!

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