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What is the Kia Idle Stop and Go Feature?


  • Newer Kia vehicles are coming standard with idle stop & go (ISG) technology with no way to permanently disable it.
  • The ISG technology does not provide much gas savings for Kia vehicles and it will wear down your ignition components faster.
  • Autostop Eliminator makes auto stop devices for the different Kia vehicles which will permanently disable the ISG technology, if desired.


Kia has made the decision to put the Idle Stop and Go (or ISG) feature on their newer models. You may be thinking to yourself, “Wow, an added feature I did not have before, sign me up!” Well I am here to tell you that not every feature is convenient for the everyday driver of a new Kia. So, what exactly is this Idle Stop and Go feature (AKA Kia ISG) that is now coming standard on most new Kia models? Let’s dive into the intricacies of this new feature and what it means for owners of a new Kia.

What Is Idle Stop And Go?

Kia’s Idle Stop and Go feature is not new to the industry itself and is called by other names, depending on the vehicle manufacturer. You may have heard this feature be called the Auto Start Stop feature, the ESS feature, and more. Essentially, this quirky feature is designed to shut the engine off when the vehicle comes to a complete stop at a red light, stop sign, or anytime the vehicle’s feature deems necessary.

How Does The Idle Stop & Go Work?

Kia’s Idle Stop and Go feature goes to work when you come to a complete stop. Every time your vehicle detects that the vehicle is stopped, the many different components of the modern Kia work together to determine that your engine should shut off. The ISG feature will keep your vehicle’s engine off until either:

  1. The brake pedal is released
  2. Shifting the car into reverse or sports mode with the brake depressed
  3. Shifting the car from neutral to the drive position

Kia has implemented the ISG feature to help save on fuel consumption by not using it when you are stopped. The issue is that it does not save that much on fuel consumption and it could potentially wear on your Kia’s starter more heavily than without the feature. Yet, there is a temporary bypass of this feature built into the vehicle.

How Do I Shut Off The Kia ISG?

Are you tired of this feature being a nuisance in your daily commute? There is a way to shut off the Kia Idle Stop and Go feature, but it is only a temporary solution. Every time when you get into your Kia, you will have to disable the feature (yes, EVERY single time). The way you do this is:

  • Locate the ISG button. It can be located in two separate locations depending on the model.
    • Telluride, Sorento. K5, and Stinger, the button is located near the center console.
    • Soul and Seltos, the button is located on the drive’s panel to the left of the steering wheel.
  • Press the disable ISG button to deactivate Idle Stop & Go


There are internet hacks where you can alter the technology in your vehicle to override the auto start/stop system. Unfortunately for these internet hacks, most of these hacks will void the vehicle’s warranty as well as have the potential to do damage to other parts of the vehicle. We strongly do not recommend performing any of these internet hacks on your Kia.

Again, the issue with shutting the Kia ISG feature off is that it needs to be turned off every time the vehicle is started, in order to keep the vehicle’s warranty intact. Many of us, myself included, forget to do this until we are on our commute and we are frustratingly stalled at every complete stop. If you are tired of this “solution” not being utilized until after you notice how annoying it is with every start of the car, then you are in luck because hours of hard work have been put into creating a long-term solution that keeps this feature off for good.

Autostop Eliminator Permanently Shuts Off The Kia Idle Stop & Go

Finally, there is automotive technology that can disable the idle stop & go system on your Kia vehicle, FOR GOOD! Our product, the Autostop Eliminator, safely and easily plugs into your car. The location is different as per different vehicle makes. The Autostop Eliminator also does not void any car warranties. In less than five minutes, this ISG disabler of the auto idle stop and go system can be functioning on your vehicle. When the Autostop Eliminator is activated, it will remember your preference of having the auto idle stop & go system on or off without you having to push the button every time you get in your vehicle. It can easily be turned on or off depending on where you are driving and personal preference. We carry a model for many different vehicle makes. With our 60 day money back guarantee, we know you will be happy with how this product works. Click here to see if we carry an Autostop Eliminator for your Kia vehicle!

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