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Turn Off Auto Start Stop Feature On Your Subaru To Save Money


  • Most Subaru vehicles come standard with auto start stop technology with no way to permanently disable it.
  • The auto start stop technology does not provide much gas savings for Subaru vehicles and it will wear down your ignition components faster.
  • Autostop Eliminator makes auto stop devices for the different Subaru models which will permanently disable the auto start stop technology, if desired.


ARGGG - not again!! Subaru is yet another automobile brand to add the obnoxious auto-stop-start feature! Auto-stop-start is the way the car industry is trying to be more “fuel efficient,” but let's be real… it’s only causing problems instead of actually saving gas. Every time you come to a stop, whether it's at a red light, stop sign, or in stand still traffic, the auto stop feature will automatically stop your engine. Yes, you heard me correctly, STOP your engine in traffic! If you are wanting to buy that reliable Subaru that will hold onto its quality for miles to come, but now are hesitant because of this annoying feature. No worries, we have exactly what you need to permanently disable Subaru Auto-Start-Stop! 

City Life, Best Life

If you are anything like us and do not want to have to drive 30 minutes to the nearest sign of life, you probably live in the city. The city life can be great 99% of the time, but there is one downfall that we are all thinking of… yep, TRAFFIC! Traffic isn’t too bad except for when rush hour hits. You know what we’re talking about. Hopping in your car after you get off work only to drive a few blocks and have to immediately stop for the line of cars in front of you. Well let’s imagine doing this in a brand new Subaru. The auto-stop-start feature can be tiresome if you are a driver that commutes in heavy stop-and-go traffic every day. It is an accident waiting to happen! That’s where Autostop Eliminator comes in. But before we get to that, keep reading to see why else auto start stop features are not good for your vehicle. 

A Rocky Ride 

Multiple Subaru owners have left reviews saying that every time their car stops and starts back up again it tends to be quite shaky. When we saw these comments, it was an immediate red flag. We thought to ourselves, “I am 99% sure that is not supposed to happen when inside your car.” A recent column in the San Diego Union Tribune says Subaru is among the worst for engine vibration on restart. The engine design has pistons which are horizontally placed creating more significant side-to-side movement, resulting in a lot more vibration. It is a widely known fact that a car with an idle or shake is not good. When a vehicle idles, it is due to fuel not combusting completely, resulting in residue that can ultimately cause even more damages to your vehicle. With Autostop Eliminator, your vehicle turning off and back on automatically, causing an idle or shakiness, will be eliminated. 

Can I Disable Subaru Auto Start Stop?

Attempting to save drivers fuel and become more eco-friendly, Subaru added this feature to their new cars, little did they know that the auto stop feature would only upset their loyal customers. We would rather waste a millimeter of gas waiting at a red light, than risk damaging the engine from the wear and tear that auto-stop-start can cause or risk getting rear ended, being left with thousands of dollars in damages! 

So the big question everyone is asking is, “Is there a way I can disable auto-start-stop?” The answer is yes - kind of. You can temporarily bypass this feature on an Outback and Legacy through the 11.6-inch touchscreen menu. When you are on the home screen, push the car icon button to change the settings and then click on “Others,” allowing you to turn off the Auto Stop-Start system. Although this is a temporary fix, it is not a permanent solution. Once you turn the car off, the system will always turn this feature back on. So every time you get back in your vehicle, you will be required to disable the system again manually.

Your Subaru Needs the Autostop Eliminator 

Why should you, or anybody else, be forced to remember to turn something off, every single time you turn on your vehicle? You shouldn’t have to! This is why we created a tool to eliminate this irritating feature. With the Autostop Eliminator for your Subaru, all you have to do is plug it in, and you are ready to go! This device will permanently disable the auto-start-stop feature in your Subaru. For only $99.99 you can be free from the Subaru start stop feature for life! Check out our website to learn more about the Autostop Eliminator for Subaru.


  • will this work on my new 2024 subaru crosstrek limited?

    Tom Macaluso
  • I would to buy the stop/start device, I hate when my engine shuts off at every Red light or stop sign.

    Jairo chavez

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