Autostop Eliminator for 2020-2023 Subaru Crosstrek

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2020 Subaru Crosstrek with auto start stop permanently disabled
The Autostop Eliminator is designed to override & disable auto stop/start programming on 2020 - 2023 Subaru Crosstrek models.
Disable the auto stop start feature on a Subaru Crosstrek without voiding the warranty by getting an Autostop Eliminator.

2020-2023 Subaru Crosstrek Autostop Eliminator

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Forget about the hacks. This is a real solution!

  • Easy 100% plug-and-play installation
  • Maintains start-stop button functionality
  • 60-Day money-back guarantee
  • Works with North American and Australian variants.
  • Fast & free domestic shipping
  • Emissions compliant
  • Need more info? - Scroll down to the tabs below.

Our solution doesn't make any changes to the auto start stop programming on the vehicle. To revert to stock behavior, simply unplug the device.


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Please read carefully before selecting the type.
AE026 - Fits all 2020-2022 models. Fits 2023 models with EyeSight. 2023 Sport and Limited trims come standard with EyeSight. EyeSight is optional on the 2023 Base and Premium trims.
AE022 - Slightly easier installation under the left seat, but requires the Reverse Automatic Braking (RAB) option which is only present on the Limited trim. Please do not order this type unless you are 100% certain you have the RAB option.
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It couldn't be easier to disable auto start/stop on your Subaru Crosstrek. This intelligent device restores your preference for auto start-stop automatically which eliminates the need to press the disable auto stop button after each ignition cycle.

Check out this installation and demonstration video of the AE022 model for vehicles with RAB. For instructions on the AE026, click the "Installation" tab above.

(Scroll down for AE022 installation instructions.)

The AE026 device installs overhead utilizing the connection to the stereo camera. Watch the video below to see the installation process.

The AE022 device for vehicles with RAB simply plugs into the module under the driver's seat. Watch the video below to see the installation process


Disable Auto Start Stop Subaru Crosstrek

From Autostop Eliminator

Customer Reviews

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Yevgeniya S.
Exactly what I needed!

I am absolutely happy with this product. It works as advertised. Very easy to install on Subaru Crosstrek 2023. Finally this annoying autostop function is under control as it should have been from the beginning.


This is a great way to save your starter. It works great, and was easy to install!

Phillip Cooper
It's great

I don't have to hit a button for my car to work normally anymore. My last straw was when I tried to shoot a gap in heavy traffic and almost got in a wreck because of the crap auto off function made my automatic stall like a manual. I bought this device that same day. Followed the installation video exactly as instructed. I have the 2021 Crosstrek basic model. The video was slightly different than my set up but all the important steps were the same. Took me 15 minutes to install. Wore gloves to make sure I didn't mess up my sensors. Car functions normally and is now safer for me to drive. Yay. I've already told three of my friends about it that all hate the auto stop function as well and recommend this product.

Works well in my 2023 crosstrek base model

The ceiling console on the 2023 base model is a bit different from the video - definitely recommend watching a separate tutorial on panel removal if yours is not what you see in the installation video as some of the brackets are in different locations.

The connector is fwd facing so there is a bit of difficulty in lining up the autostop harness with the OEM parts and connectors, but there is a large empty space in the rear that will easily accommodate the circuit. Its a tight fit when reinstalling the panel, but as long as all the plastic brackets all click-in and hold on their own, you should be fine to put the bolts back on. Its alright if you see little slack on the right side of the console before the bolts go on; tightening them will close that gap and restore the factory seamless appearance.

That aside, the ceiling console version 100% works once installed and has not caused any issues to the functionality of the other electronics or the vehicle itself. This device easily fixed the one major flaw of the newer Subarus in only around 20min of installation time! The reduced wear on the engine from not constantly turning on and off will very likely help push the stock engine well past its 250,000 mile rating. That alone makes this the single best “upgrade” money can buy for any vehicle equipped with these moronic start/stop abominations.

Very happy!


Shipping is very fast easy install took me about 5 minute and is good to go