Autostop Eliminator for 2020, 2021, 2022, & 2023 GMC Acadia

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Autostop Eliminator for the GMC Arcadia will permanently disable the stop-start feature on model years 2020 - 2022.
The Autostop Eliminator is designed to override & disable auto stop/start programming on 2020 - 2022 GMC Arcadia models.

2020-2023 GMC Acadia Autostop Eliminator

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Forget about the hacks. This is a real solution!

  • Easy 100% plug-and-play installation
  • No negative side-effects
  • Maintains start-stop button functionality
  • Works with all engines
  • Withstands extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • 60-Day money-back guarantee
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Emissions compliant
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This device is for the GMC Acadia. The GMC GMC Yukon & GMC Yukon XL requires a different device, available here

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The Autostop Eliminator is an intelligent device that plugs into the back of your vehicle's auto stop-start switch assembly. It restores your preference for auto start-stop automatically which eliminates the need to press the button after each ignition cycle.

Unlike diagnostic port solutions for GM vehicles, our device will not:
  • Disable the malfunction indicator light (check-engine light)
  • Drain the battery
  • Disable Active Fuel Management (AFM)
  • Interfere with airbag functionality
  • Keep the vehicle in diagnostic mode

The device installs into the bottom of the auto start/stop disable switch in the center console. First-time installers can usually install the device in under 15 minutes. Experienced installers can install it in about 5 minutes..


GMC Acadia Auto Stop Disable

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