Autostop Eliminator for the 2021-2024 Ford Bronco Sport
Auto Start Stop Eliminator - Permanently disable the start stop feature on a Ford Bronco Sport 2021 2022 2023 2024
Autostop Eliminator for the Ford Bronco Sport will permanently disable the stop-start feature on model years 2021 - 2023.
Autostop Eliminator is designed to override & disable auto stop/start programming on 2021 - 2023 Ford Bronco Sport models.

2021-2024 Ford Bronco Sport Autostop Eliminator

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Forget about the hacks. This is a real solution!

  • Easy 100% plug-and-play installation into the gateway module
  • Works on all trims, including Badlands.
  • Installs without removing any screws or panels.
  • Maintains start-stop button functionality
  • 60-Day money-back guarantee
  • Fast & free domestic shipping
  • Emissions compliant
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Our solution doesn't make any changes to the vehicle programming. To revert to stock behavior, simply unplug the device.

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This device is for the Bronco Sport. The factory Bronco requires a different device, available here.

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Disabling auto start/stop on your Ford Bronco Sport couldn't be easier. This intelligent device restores your preference for auto start-stop automatically which eliminates the need to press the disable auto stop button after each ignition cycle.

The device simply plugs in on the backside of the diagnostic port into the gateway module. No screws or panels need to be removed. With the car OFF, just unplug the connection on the back of the gateway module and insert our device inline. It literally only takes a few minutes to install start-to-finish.

2020 Ford Bronco Installation


Bronco Sport Auto Start Stop Disable

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Save the World

Save the world - More like save your battery, starter and sanity. Could save you from an accident. Best thing since sliced bread.

Mark Hickok
Works Great! Easy to install!

I got this for my wife's Bronco Sport. Easy Schmeazy to install. Hardest part was unplugging the existing cable. Use the camera on your phone to get a look at it from behind! I just wish you had one of these for my BIG Bronco that was as easy to install!

Mark S.
Money Well Spent !!

Had already installed one on my F-150 years earlier and new exactly where to get one for my new Ford Bronco Sport. Ten minute install and works perfectly,
could not ask for anything better.

Thanks again for a Great Product!!!

Works Great n 2nd Vehicle

Put one in my 2018 F-150 when new (had to remove some trim panels as connected to the switch harness) and works great as remembers last state. Button still works so doesn’t void warranty just don’t have to press EVERYTIME you start your vehicle. Just installed this in a 2022 Bronco Sport. Pic 2 of the installation instructions could be improved. The harness connector is not directly inline with the data port. I almost removed the 2 nuts holding the data port for better access but if you use your right thumb behind and about 1” above the port you will feel the connector release on the bottom. Gently push up with your thumb and use your fingers on the connector (not wires) to wiggle side to side and it will release. Use correct end of the autostop harness and reinsert into the back of the data port and make sure the release locks in place. Took me a few tries as I did it blind by feel then connect other end of the autostop harness to the original connector. I tucked the tethered end (assume NVM memory for button state) up over another harness though 2 zip ties were provided. So far so good. To me Auto Start/Stop is a future law suit do to the lag especially when trying to pull out of a parking lot into moving traffic. If your life is worth more than the 1/4 mile per gallon of gas (I was told it saves) then get one and install and you won’t be disappointed.

John Briggs
Simple install

Works perfectly after their minute install. Great product!