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Disable The Auto Stop On Your Chrysler Pacifica


  • The Chrysler Pacific comes standard with auto stop technology that is called ESS.
  • Chrysler did not provide a way to permanently disable the ESS but did provide a temporary solution.
  • To permanently disable the auto stop on a Chrysler Pacifica, you will need to get an Autostop Eliminator


Many modern vehicles are equipped with various advanced features aimed at improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. One such feature is the auto stop system, commonly found in many Chrysler Pacifica models. This system automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stop, like at traffic lights or in heavy traffic, and restarts it when you release the brake pedal. While this technology may seem beneficial for the environment and your fuel economy, it can be quite bothersome for some drivers. If you find yourself frequently wanting to disable the auto start stop technology, keep reading to learn how to avoid this technology completely.

What Is The Auto Stop Feature?

The auto stop feature, also known as auto stop-start, ESS, or stop-start technology, is designed to conserve fuel and reduce emissions by turning off the engine when the vehicle is stationary and idling. When you come to a complete stop, such as at a traffic light or in a traffic jam, the system automatically stops the engine to save fuel. As soon as you release the brake pedal or press the accelerator, the engine restarts, allowing you to move forward seamlessly. This technology is widely adopted in modern vehicles to meet stricter environmental regulations and improve overall fuel efficiency. However, some drivers find it annoying or unsettling because of the brief engine shutoff and restart, as well as the noise, vibration, and excessive wear & tear on the ignition system associated with it.

Why You Should Disable The Auto Stop On A Chrysler Pacifica

While the auto stop feature has its benefits in terms of fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, there are several reasons why you might want to disable it on your Chrysler Pacifica:


Some drivers find the engine restarting when they release the brake pedal to be disconcerting, especially in stop-and-go traffic. Disabling this feature can provide a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.

Reduced Wear and Tear

The frequent stopping and starting of the engine can lead to increased wear on various engine components, including the starter and battery. Disabling the auto stop can potentially extend the lifespan of these parts.

Battery Health

Constantly restarting the engine places additional strain on the vehicle's battery. Over time, this can contribute to a decrease in battery life. Disabling the feature can help preserve your battery.

Noise and Vibration

Some drivers find the noise and vibration associated with engine restarts to be bothersome. Disabling the auto stop eliminates these interruptions, making your drive quieter and more relaxing.

Personal Preference 

Ultimately, it's a matter of personal preference. If you prefer to have full control over your vehicle's engine, disabling the auto stop allows you to drive in a way that aligns with your preferences.

Steps To Temporarily Turn Off The Auto Stop Feature On A Chrysler Pacifica

If you're interested in temporarily disabling the auto stop feature on your Chrysler Pacifica, follow these steps:


1. Start Your Vehicle

Ensure your Pacifica is running.


2. Locate the Disable ESS Button

    Look for the disable ESS or auto stop button on your dashboard or center console. It typically has an A with a circular arrow around it. Press this button to turn off the auto stop feature.


    3. Indicator Light

      After pressing the button, an indicator light may illuminate on your instrument panel, indicating that the auto stop feature is now off.


      4. Drive as Usual

        Once you've turned off the feature, your Chrysler Pacifica will no longer automatically shut off the engine when you come to a stop. You can drive as usual without the engine interruptions. Just remember, you have to follow these steps every time you start your car.

        How To Permanently Disable Auto Stop or ESS On A Chrysler Pacifica

        Chrysler did not include a way to permanently disable the ESS system on a Chrysler Pacifica. That is why the Autostop Eliminator was created. The Autostop Eliminator for the Chrysler Pacifica installs in minutes and will remember your preference if you want the ESS system on or off so you don’t have to push the disable auto stop button every time you start your Chrysler Pacifica. And, the Autostop Eliminator does this without changing the computer programming on the vehicle or voiding any warranties.

        Invest in a Autostop Eliminator 

        If you find yourself frequently wanting to disable the auto stop feature in your Chrysler Pacifica and prefer a more permanent solution, you should consider using an Autostop Eliminator. This device allows you to bypass the auto stop feature altogether, giving you full control over when your engine stops and starts. Check out our website to find our auto stop disable products for your Chrysler Pacifica as well as other vehicle manufacturers like Ford, Jeep, Dodge, Subaru, Kia, Lincoln, and GM. If you need more help or information choosing the right product for you and your vehicle, feel free to contact us with any questions and a professional will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out our FAQs page and/or our other blogs! We look forward to you permanently disabling the auto stop on your Chrysler Pacifica and taking back control of your vehicle.

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