The Auto Stop-Start Test Plug Hack – Autostop Eliminator

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The Test Plug Hack


  • On the internet, you can find out several ways to hack the auto stop tech on your vehicle, including using a test plug.
  • Not only is there a great chance that hacking your car with a test plug will void your warranty, it can cause safety issues because your car thinks it's pulling a load.
  • The Autostop Eliminator is a much safer way to permanently disable the auto stop feature without unsafe driving issues on your car or voiding your warranty.


While a trailer is attached to your vehicle, the auto start-stop will not enable. With the test plug hack, a trailer light test plug is inserted into the trailer plug. This fools the truck into thinking that there is a trailer attached to the vehicle and thus turns off the auto stop feature.

On the surface, this appears to be a clever solution, but as it turns out, it is one of the worst solutions. Modern trucks are equipped with many advanced towing features that work quite well while towing but not so much when you don't have a trailer attached. Transmission shift pressures will increase to adjust for a trailer. Fuel-based remaining distance estimates are adjusted for the reduced fuel mileage. Blind spot monitoring systems will expand their range to account for the length of the trailer. Rear ultrasonic object detection and cross traffic alert disables, so as not to falsely alarm the driver due to the presence of the trailer. Rear-view camera overlays used to visualize the vehicle path are disabled. Advanced trailer anti-sway controls are enabled, which may brake wheels independently to reduce trailer sway. And the list goes on and on for built-in towing optimizations that are activated when the vehicle detects that there is a trailer attached.

Each and every one of these trailer features can be a problem if there’s not an actual trailer connected to your vehicle. These features WERE NOT designed to work without an actual trailer attached, and we can't stress this fact enough. Not only will the test plug hack increase the wear & tear on your vehicle's components, it will also lead to unsafe, misinformed, & distracted driving which greatly increases the risk of being in an accident. If you are involved in an accident while using the test plug hack and the insurance adjuster finds it, the insurance adjuster will more in likely put the fault of the accident on to you.

Please, don’t even consider this as a means to disable auto start-stop. It really is not safe for anybody on the road. Just get an Autostop eliminator.

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