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Auto Start Stop Delete

  • The auto manufacturers did not provide their customers a way to permanently delete the auto start-stop technology from their vehicles.
  • It has been proven that the amount of money saved on gas does not outweigh the increased cost to replace the worn out components of the ignition system.
  • To permanently disable the auto stop technology in your vehicle, an aftermarket device, like the Autostop Eliminator, will be necessary.


A vehicle with the auto stop-start feature can be pesky. Imagine you’re at a stop sign, only stopping for a brief moment, but everyone behind you is already honking and waving for you to keep driving while you have to wait longer for your car to start back up– that’s embarrassing. Auto stop-start, aka engine stop-start is a feature built into many vehicles with the intention of cutting fuel costs for the consumer– sounds like the perfect solution for people who are actively looking to reduce their carbon footprint. It was a good idea at first, but as more vehicles show signs of wear and tear specifically related to auto start stop, people are realizing this idea was not meant for vehicles in the long run. Basically, the technology behind the auto start stop feature shuts off the engine completely until the break is released. As you can imagine, this feature can truly be a nuisance since vehicle owners are essentially stuck with this feature. Fuel economy has marginally changed and fuel savings are minimal. Lucky for you, Autostop Eliminator is our name and auto start stop delete is our game!

Does Using Auto Start-Stop Damage Your Car?

While your car’s stop-start feature is likely fairly smooth, many drivers have found that the feature is too jerky or annoying to use daily. Some even speculate that the technology is causing/accelerating wear and tear on your engine from it stopping and starting multiple times per trip. Additionally, starter motors and the batteries powering them do wear out. Cars with these systems do typically have larger starters, but still, why take the chance?! Along the lines of fuel savings, again, these “savings” are minimal and truly depend how and where you drive.

Can Engine Start Stop be Turned Off Permanently?

While it is not possible to permanently disable this feature, you are still able to disable it. With a normal vehicle, stop-start can be paused by pressing the “A Off” button next to your car’s gear shift. However, this does not permanently fix the problem like Autostop Eliminator does. Yes, you read that last part right: It is possible to disable auto start-stop on all car brands, but none of them enable you to permanently disable it. Essentially, every time you turn your vehicle on you must hit the “disable button” that is typically located by the gear shift. However, our aftermarket Autostop Eliminators can permanently remove this feature if you so wish. Our intelligent plug and play device remembers when you turn the car’s built in start-stop feature off and constantly/ automatically retains which setting you use so it is not necessary to constantly turn the car’s natural feature on. We can eliminate the need to manually hit that button every single time you drive. Additionally, if you forget to turn the feature off and you start driving, you cannot turn it off until you fully restart the engine again. Who doesn't need one less thing to remember? Plus, AutoStop Eliminator is super easy to install, taking only minutes and a few basic tools that everyone has lying around. It’s truly a win-win situation with us! 

Choose AutoStop Eliminator to Delete Auto Stop

There are many ill-advised internet hacks that claim to curb the auto stop-start, but we are the only product that truly does! Autostop Eliminator is the only solution that maintains the complete function of your vehicle without any engine side effects. Our device works on Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Lincoln, RAM, and Subaru vehicles. Our prices range from $89-$99, that's about a tank of gas these days! Now, that's a small price to pay to never have to deal with engine stop-start technology again, just let us do all of the work for you–we are the professionals after all. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are unhappy, simply return your eliminator within 60 days for a full refund. You can easily order online or contact us with any questions

Don’t let your vehicle’s auto-stop function embarrass you or make you a target of road rage! With a few quick clicks, you will never have to think about that annoying built in feature again. For any and all inquiries regarding your Autostop Eliminator, fill out a contact us form on our website with your name, phone number and a short description of what the inquiry is about. Someone will get back to you asap and we look forward to helping you delete your auto start stop technology.


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