The Auto Stop-Start Reprogramming Hack – Autostop Eliminator

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The Reprogramming Hack


  • On the internet, you can find out several ways to hack the auto stop tech on your vehicle, including reprogramming the vehicle's software.
  • Not only is there a huge chance that reprogramming your vehicle's software will void your warranty, it can cause major functionality issues with other parts of your vehicle.
  • The Autostop Eliminator is a much safer way to permanently disable the auto stop feature without changing your vehicle's software or voiding your warranty.


Technically this isn't a hack, but reprogramming your vehicle certainly has major drawbacks. With this approach, your vehicle’s computer is reprogrammed to completely disable auto start-stop.

Companies offering this solution claim that it won’t impact your vehicle's warranty. This is false. If Ford or any other vehicle manufacturer detects the software of the vehicle has been altered in any way, you can kiss your warranty goodbye. Companies offering to alter your vehicle's software know this will happen so they will tell you to reprogram your vehicle back to stock prior to bringing it in for service. This should be a clue that even the vendors offering this hack have the knowledge that making this change is not in your best interest. The problem is that the software records every time someone goes in and makes any sort of change. This means Ford and other vehicle manufacturers can see the vehicle programming has been altered in the past and may still choose to void your warranty.

Before you move forward with reprogramming the software in your vehicle, you need to ask yourself a question. Is it worth losing the warranty on my vehicle to reprogram the vehicle's software to disable the auto stop functionality? Considering you paid somewhere between $1000 - $3000 for your warranty and you might still be paying on that warranty if you included it in the loan, the answer if probably no. Especially since an Autostop Eliminator is only about $100 and the use of this device DOES NOT void your warranty.

If you don’t care about risking your warranty, you never want to use auto start-stop again, and you don’t mind having a decoy button on your dash that no longer functions, this approach is an option... but why wouldn't you avoid these problems and just get an Autostop Eliminator?

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