The Auto Stop-Start Relay Hack – Autostop Eliminator

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The Relay Hack

With this hack, a relay is used in conjunction with a timer mechanism to simulate a button press by temporarily shorting the signal wire to ground. When the ignition activates, the relay closes. After a fixed time interval, the relay reopens.

The problem here is the ignition power is independent of the body control module power. The distinction is important because anytime the ignition is activated after a timer reset but before the body control module reset, the auto start-stop will end up in the wrong state.

Essentially, anytime the ignition is briefly shutoff and then restarted, the state is going to toggle. Nobody wants this behavior. It's just a side effect of poor design.

The only improvement this hack makes over the jumper hack is that the button remains functional. However, this hack requires the installation of a relay, a new wire to the fuse box, soldering, and modifications to the factory wiring harness. Yep, you heard that right. It requires permanent modifications to the factory wiring harness... and, in the end, it won't even work correctly.

The Autostop Eliminator does not use a timer and therefore is not subject to the same shortcomings as other timer-based hacks. Not to mention, the Autostop Eliminator installs without any vehicle modifications. It's 100% plug & play!

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