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The Jumper Hack


  • On the internet, you can find out several ways to hack the auto stop tech on your vehicle, including using a jumper device.
  • Not only is there a great chance that hacking your car with the jumper hack will void your warranty, it can cause functionality issues with other parts of your vehicle.
  • The Autostop Eliminator is a much safer way to permanently disable the auto stop feature without creating other issues on your car or voiding your warranty.


With the jumper hack, a short wire or paperclip is placed between the signal wire and the ground wire. This makes the truck see the auto start-stop button as constantly pushed. When the body control module powers up, it should detect the pressed button and toggle the auto start-stop state.

The primary problem with the jumper hack approach occurs when the signal wire from the body control module briefly flickers. This interruption causes the body control module to detect a subsequent button press and toggle the state. Keep in mind that the button is no longer functional because it has been shorted by the jumper. When the body control module toggles auto start-stop to the on state, it will be stuck in the on position. The only way to turn it back off is to shut the vehicle off and wait for the body control module to power down completely.

This may seem unlikely, but it happens all the time. In fact, within a few minutes of testing the jumper hack at TRL Automotive, this is exactly what happened. It can be triggered by something as simple as using keyless entry to unlock the truck. When you use keyless entry, the body control module powers up and the auto start-stop state toggles. Then when the truck is started, it’s a gamble whether or not the signal wire will flicker and land in the wrong state. 

Not only does the jumper hack not preserve the functionality of the auto start-stop button, but it also comes with the aggravation of occasionally getting stuck in the on state. This makes the jumper hack a temporary & occasional fix versus a permanent solution. Instead of guessing whether or not the auto stop feature is going to be on or off, don't hack your vehicle and play it safe by purchasing an Autostop Eliminator!

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  • I love my new Subaru Forester. The only annoying feature was the auto start function. I actually didn’t mind it that much while driving. What got me was when I pulled into the garage and the car would stop before I could get it into park. Once in Park it would restart again. Not cool. The AutoStop Eliminator solved this manufacturer design flaw.

    Chuck Loker

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