Autostop Eliminator for 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator JT

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Auto Start Stop Eliminator - Permanently disable the start stop feature on a Jeep Gladiator JT model years 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
The Autostop Eliminator is designed to override & disable ESS system programming on 2020 - 2023 Jeep Gladiator JT models.

2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator JT Autostop Eliminator

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Forget about the hacks. This is a real solution!

  • Easy 100% plug-and-play installation into the gateway module
  • Works with all engines, including diesel models
  • Maintains start-stop button functionality of the ESS system
  • Works perfectly with remote start
  • 60-Day money-back guarantee
  • Fast & free domestic shipping
  • Emissions compliant
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Unlike the other hacks, the Autostop Eliminator doesn't make any changes to the programming of the Jeep Gladiator ESS system. To revert the ESS system back to stock behavior, simply remove the device.

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Disabling engine start/stop on your Jeep Gladiator JT couldn't be easier. This intelligent device restores your preference for auto start-stop automatically which eliminates the need to press the disable ESS button after each ignition cycle.

The Autostop Eliminator device simply plugs into the gateway module. With the vehicle OFF, just unplug the gateway module and insert our device inline. It literally only takes a few minutes to install start-to-finish.



Jeep Gladiator Auto Start Stop Disable

From Autostop Eliminator

Customer Reviews

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Andy LaCombe
It works

Man - this one is a booger to get installed. I did one of these on my 2024 Subaru Crosstrek and that one was a lot easier to install. If you have hands of anything larger than a small child you are going to struggle. IMO here is what you need to do if you have the amp as shown in the video.

Forget getting two hands back in there, you will just frustrate yourself. I had to go back about 6 times to get this done - otherwise you will want to break something as your frustration builds. The frustration is NOT with the start/stop eliminator, it is with the absolute MORON that designed a plug that can not be reached. Any designer should be made to work in the service department as their first job so they can appreciate that someone has to work on the things they design, and when you make something that is damned near impossible to get at, they should be dealt with.

So how do you get this booger unplugged? This is just how I did it. Get a long flat blade screwdriver and get the tip wedged between the top of the plug and the socket, then with the other hand, get it snaked in there so you can press teh button on the clip, then twist the screwdriver to pop the clip/plug free.

If you pull from the plug area, you run the risk of pulling the wires out of the plug. Just get in there are try many things until you get it. Like me you may have to drive with it disassembled for a while until you figure it out.

It actually works like a champ once you get it installed. It is so worth the effort of getting this thing in there

What I have noticed is that the cars know the last setting and they are running some check to reset it back to off. All this thing is doing is to prevent that reset sequence from executing - brilliant

Richard Stevens



Worked great and easy to install


Love this thing!

T Guy
Make Auto Stop An Option !

I love that auto stop is now an option and not the default. I decide what the default is. That is engaged or not. I believe this option should be standard from the factory.
I wish that the programmers would switch the lighting on the factory button. After installing this product the light should come on when auto stop is active and off when it is not. Most owners want to rarely use auto stop so why have that light illuminated all the time? Does the harness contain a battery that may eventually need to be replaced? How and when that battery is replaced might have changed my decision to purchase this product.
A few things made it so the installation wasn’t done in 15 minutes. The first is that the plug I needed to use wasn’t on the same side as the video indicated. It took a while before I noticed only the other plug would work. So I wasn’t positive after I got done it would work. What made matters worse was that I had left the driver door open so long everything powered down and when I jumped in to fire it up nothing worked. I mistakenly thought something was wrong until I turned on the headlights to see if everything was dead, but thankfully that powered everything back up. Pretty scary couple of minutes.
Since then it has worked as advertised and it is a huge upgrade that will become second nature after owning it a while. I hope the company sees the wisdom in my suggestion about reversing the lights and sends me a replacement as a reward!