How To Disable Auto Stop On A Lincoln – Autostop Eliminator

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The Process Of Disabling The Auto Stop Feature On A Lincoln


  • Lincoln vehicles comes standard with auto start stop technology with no way to permanently disable it.
  • The auto start stop technology does not provide much gas savings on Lincoln vehicles and it will wear down your ignition components faster.
  • Autostop Eliminator makes auto stop devices for different Lincoln models which will permanently disable the auto start stop technology, if desired.


Lincoln is the luxury car division of the Ford Motor Company and is regarded as one of the classiest American made luxury vehicles. What’s not to love? Lincolns come with top of the line seat fabrics to go with its spacious interior, an engine that rivals European car makers like Porsche & Audi, and all the tech features you could ever want including adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and of course the auto stop feature. The auto stop feature on the vehicle is designed to help get better gas mileage yet many many people are unhappy with this technology and are consistently looking for ways to disable the auto stop feature on their Lincoln.

What Is The Auto Stop Function On A Lincoln

The auto stop feature on a Lincoln (often called auto start/stop) is ultimately designed to help the car get better gas mileage. The way the auto stop feature works is when the car is active & comes to a complete stop while the engine is on (like at a stop light), the engine will shut off. When the gas pedal on the car is reengaged, the engine will come back on. This is achieved through a series of sensors under the hood. Obviously, when the engine of a car is not running, it is also not using gas, thus the auto stop feature is saving fuel overall by shutting the engine off & on.

Benefits of The Lincoln Auto Stop Feature

The biggest benefit of the automatic engine start/stop feature is the conservation of fuel. Studies have shown that vehicles that have the auto engine start/stop feature do save more fuel vs vehicles that do not. Other benefits include the lack of weight that the auto stop sensors add to a vehicle. These sensors are extremely lightweight and do not add any significant weight to your car. Additionally, you will save money overall on fuel costs as you will use less fuel.

Disadvantages of The Lincoln Auto Stop Feature

The biggest disadvantage of the automatic engine start/stop feature is the wear & tear on the engine components increases. Because the engine starts & stops so much more than a vehicle without the auto stop feature, the engine & other parts of the ignition system get used much more and will wear out faster. This causes increased auto repair costs & increased frequency to the mechanic. Many people have found that these increased mechanic costs do not outweigh the cost savings on the fuel. Plus, many people get frustrated when they hit the gas pedal at a stop light and their vehicle does not come off the line as fast as it should because the engine is restarting. Being frustrated and driving is a dangerous combo that can lead to accidents.

Disabling Auto Stop On A Lincoln

It is recommended by driving instructors across the country that you have the knowledge and control of the vehicle you are driving before you start driving it. This includes having knowledge & control of all of the vehicle’s features. The automatic engine start/stop feature offers very limited control. The feature is designed to automatically turn on every time you start your vehicle up, regardless of how you set the feature up on your previous use. There are ways to disable the auto stop feature.

Temporarily Disable Auto Stop On A Lincoln

To temporarily disable the auto stop feature on a Lincoln, you will need to follow these steps.

  1. Start the engine on your Lincoln.
  2. Locate the Disable Auto Stop button. This button looks like an A with a circle around it.
  3. Push the Disable Auto Stop button.

Note, you will need to do this EVERY TIME you start your Lincoln

Permanently Disable Auto Stop On A Lincoln

Ford did not include a way to permanently disable the auto stop feature on a Lincoln, or any other Ford vehicles. The best way to permanently disable the auto stop feature on a Lincoln is to get an aftermarket part, like the Autostop Eliminator.

Autostop Eliminator For Lincoln

We here at Autostop Eliminator did not think it was right nor fair that there is no way for you to permanently disable the auto stop feature on YOUR car. Why should you be forced to turn off this feature every time you start your Lincoln? You shouldn’t have to do this and it is a major distraction to driving. That is why we created the Autostop Eliminator. The simple installation of the Autostop Eliminator should take less than 15 minutes to install and will remember your preference for having the auto stop feature on or off. The device will then remember your preference so that every time you shut off & restart your Lincoln, you don’t have to push the disable auto stop button again. The device does not change any programming on your Lincoln nor does it void any warranties. Are you ready to take back control of your Lincoln and not have to worry about the auto stop feature again? See if we have an Autostop Eliminator for your Lincoln and enjoy driving again.

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