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How to Disable Auto Start Stop System on a Dodge Durango

  • The Dodge Durango comes standard with auto start stop technology to shut the engine down at stops.
  • Many Dodge owners dislike this feature for many reasons including ineffectiveness.
  • You can permanently disable the auto start stop technology with an Autostop Eliminator

Many contemporary vehicles, including the Dodge Durango, boast advanced features geared towards optimizing fuel efficiency and curbing emissions. One such feature, the auto start stop system, is prevalent in various models, including the Dodge Durango. While this technology is designed to enhance environmental friendliness and fuel economy, some drivers may find it intrusive.

Understanding Auto Stop Technology

Auto stop, also known as an auto start stop system, ESS, Idle Stop & Go, or stop-start technology, aims to conserve fuel and reduce emissions by shutting off the engine when the vehicle is stationary and idling. Commonly activated at traffic lights or during traffic congestion, the system restarts the engine upon releasing the brake pedal or pressing the accelerator. Despite its environmental benefits, some drivers may find the brief engine shutdown and restart disruptive, along with associated noise, vibration, and wear on the ignition system.

Reasons to Manage or Disable Auto Stop on Your Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is known for its powerful performance and robust capabilities. Below we have listed some of the reasons to disable auto start stop technology on your Dodge Durango to maintain its prowess. 


Some drivers find the engine restart during stop-and-go traffic disconcerting. Disabling this feature can provide a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Frequent engine starts and stops can accelerate wear on various components, such as the starter and battery. Disabling the auto start stop system may contribute to an extended lifespan for these parts.

Battery Health

Constant engine restarts can strain the vehicle's battery, potentially leading to decreased battery life over time. Disabling the feature helps preserve the battery.

Noise and Vibration

The noise and vibration accompanying engine restarts can be bothersome for some drivers. Disabling the auto start stop system eliminates these interruptions, creating a quieter and more relaxing driving experience.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, managing or disabling the auto start stop feature is a matter of personal preference. If you prefer full control over your vehicle's engine, turning off auto stop allows you to drive according to your preferences.

Managing Auto Stop on Your Dodge Durango

If you're interested in temporarily turning off the auto stop feature on your Dodge Durango, follow these steps:

  1. Start Your Vehicle

Ensure your Dodge Durango is running.

  1. Locate the Disable ESS Button

Look for the disable ESS or auto stop button on your dashboard or center console. The auto start stop disable button in most Dodge vehicles typically appears as a small, inconspicuous control. It is often located near the gear shift or within easy reach on the dashboard. It commonly features an icon resembling an "A" encircled by a curved arrow. Press this button to turn off the auto stop feature.

  1. Indicator Light

After pressing the button, an indicator light may illuminate on your instrument panel, signaling that the auto stop feature is now off.

  1. Drive as Usual

Once disabled, your Dodge Durango will no longer automatically shut off the engine when you come to a stop. Repeat these steps each time you start your car.

Permanently Disable Auto Start Stop System on Dodge Durango

If you find yourself frequently wanting to permanently disable the ESS feature on your Dodge Durango, you won’t find a way to do this as Dodge did not include a way to permanently disable the ESS. You should consider investing in an Autostop Eliminator. This device allows you to bypass the auto stop feature entirely, providing full control over when your engine stops and starts. The Autostop Eliminator for the Dodge Durango installs easily and remembers your preference without altering the vehicle's computer programming or voiding warranties. One push of the button on the Autostop Eliminator and you don’t have to worry about the ESS system again.

  1. Turn Off the Vehicle

Before connecting the Autostop Eliminator, ensure your Dodge Durango is turned off. This is a standard safety measure when dealing with electronic devices.

  1. Locate the Security Gateway Module

The Autostop Eliminator for a Dodge Durango is typically inserted into the security gateway module. Start by removing the three plastic fasteners on the trim panel beneath the glovebox on the passenger side. Remove the panel down and locate the security gateway module. 

3. Plug in the AutoStop Eliminator

Locate the eight wire connector and while holding down the latch, disconnect it from the gateway module. Insert the vehicle wiring harness into the Autostop Eliminator, and then into the gateway module. You should hear a click when it's correctly connected. Once connected, tuck the device between the carpet and the carpet insulation. Position the panel back into place, and insert the three plastic fasteners.

4. Start the Vehicle

Once the Autostop Eliminator is plugged in, start your Dodge Durango as usual. The device will operate in the background to override or modify the auto start-stop feature.

  1. Leave the Device Connected

The Autostop Eliminator is a plug-and-play device designed for continuous use. Once connected, you can leave it plugged into the gateway module, and it will consistently work whenever the vehicle is in operation.

Invest in an Autostop Eliminator for your Dodge Durango

Take charge of your driving experience in the Dodge Durango by managing or disabling the auto stop feature. Whether you opt for temporary solutions through the disable button or choose a more permanent fix with an Autostop Eliminator, reclaiming control over your vehicle has never been easier. 

Check out our website to find our auto stop disable products for your Dodge Durango as well as other vehicle manufacturers like Ford, Jeep, Dodge, Subaru, Kia, Hyundai, and GM. If you need more help or information choosing the right product for you and your vehicle, feel free to contact us with any questions and a professional will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out our FAQs page and/or our other blogs! We look forward to you permanently disabling the auto stop on your Dodge Durango and taking back control of your vehicle.

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