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How to Disable an Auto Start/Stop System On a Ford

    Most newer Ford vehicles come standard with auto start stop technology, unfortunately with no way to disable it for good.
    • Newer Ford vehicles come standard with auto start stop technology with no way to permanently disable it.
    • The auto start stop technology does not provide much gas savings on Ford vehicles and it will wear down your ignition components faster.
    • Autostop Eliminator makes auto stop devices for different Ford models which will give you the option to permanently disable the auto start stop technology.

    Upon the introduction of the Auto Start-Stop feature in Ford vehicles, a limitation emerged – the absence of a built-in option for permanent disablement. Consequently, users are required to manually deactivate the auto start-stop system each time they initiate their Ford. Especially if they wish to prevent the engine from stopping at every stoplight. Acknowledging the inconvenience and frustration experienced by drivers, our goal was to offer a solution that eliminates this repetitive task and elevates the overall driving experience. 

    What is the Auto Start/Stop Technology on a Ford?

    The auto start/stop technology feature on a Ford is ultimately designed to help the vehicle get better gas mileage. The way the auto start/stop feature works is when the car is active & comes to a complete stop while the engine is on, like at a stop light, the engine will shut off automatically. When the gas pedal on the car is reengaged, the engine will come back on automatically after a few seconds. This is achieved through a series of sensors under the hood. Obviously, when the engine of a car is not running, it is also not using gas, thus the auto stop feature is saving fuel overall by shutting the engine off & on.

    Benefits of the Ford Auto Start/Stop Technology

    The biggest benefit of the automatic engine start/stop technology feature is the conservation of fuel. Studies have shown that vehicles that have the auto engine start/stop feature do save more fuel vs vehicles that do not. Other benefits include the lack of weight that the auto stop sensors add to a vehicle. These sensors are extremely lightweight and do not add any significant weight to your Ford. Additionally, you will save money overall on fuel costs as you will use less fuel.

    Disadvantages of the Ford Auto Start/Stop Technology

    The biggest disadvantage of the Ford automatic engine start/stop technology feature is the wear and tear on the engine components increases. Because the engine starts and stops so much more than a vehicle without the auto start/stop feature, the engine and other parts of the ignition system get used much more and will wear out faster. This causes increased auto repair costs and increased frequency to the mechanic. Many people have found that these increased mechanic costs do not outweigh the cost savings on the fuel. Plus, many people get frustrated when they hit the gas pedal at a stop light and their vehicle does not come off the line as fast as it should because the engine is restarting. Being frustrated and driving is a dangerous combo that can lead to accidents.

    Temporarily Disable Auto Start/Stop on a Ford

    To temporarily disable the auto start/stop technology on a Ford, you will need to follow these steps:

    1. Start the engine of your Ford.
    2. Locate the Disable Auto Stop button. This button looks like an A with a circle around it.
    3. Push the Disable Auto Stop button.

    Note that you will need to remember to do this EVERY TIME you start your Ford.

    Permanently Disable Auto Start/Stop on a Ford

    Don’t want the hassle of having to remember to manually turn off your auto start/stop technology? Enter the Autostop Eliminator – a user-friendly device designed specifically for Ford vehicles to effortlessly disable the auto start-stop feature. With our easy-to-install device, simply plug it in, and you're ready to hit the road without interruptions! Say goodbye to the annoyance of remembering to turn it off each time you start your vehicle. 

    How the Autostop Eliminator Works

    Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates with your Ford vehicle's start-stop technology without affecting the computer system or any core functionalities. The Autostop Eliminator communicates electronically with the vehicle, directing it to bypass the autoreset of the auto start/stop technology. You then have the option to permanently disable the auto start-stop engine feature by pushing the button on the Autostop Eliminator, once. Push the button again, and the auto stop technology is back on. It’s total control. Manual intervention after each ignition cycle is no longer needed. This allows you to concentrate on the road without the hassle of toggling buttons. 

    Autostop Eliminator for Ford

    If your Ford vehicle's auto start-stop feature has become a source of frustration, it's time to take control of your drive. Invest in the Autostop Eliminator today, regain confidence in your drivetime, and enjoy the freedom to drive without the worry of your engine shutting off at every stoplight. Experience the difference of a seamless and uninterrupted journey with Autostop Eliminator – where you decide when the engine stops.

    Check out our website to find our auto stop disable products for your Ford as well as other vehicle manufacturers like Ford, Jeep, Dodge, Subaru, Kia, Hyundai, and GM. If you need more help or information choosing the right product for you and your vehicle, feel free to contact us with any questions and a professional will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out our FAQs page and/or our other blogs! We look forward to you permanently disabling the auto stop on your Kia Stinger and taking back control of your vehicle.

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