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Gifts for Dad | Autostop Eliminator


  • Dads can be especially difficult to buy gifts for, especially on holidays like Father's Day & Christmas.
  • Dads have historically liked things like power tools & tech devices as gifts.
  • The Autostop Eliminator is a perfect gift for dads as most dads cannot disable the auto stop tech on their vehicles themselves.


It is the holiday season, folks! A lot of things happen this time of year--the weather changes, lights and decorations come out, travel plans are created, and shopping for family and friends commences. But how do we know what to get the people we care about, especially gifts for dad?

Many would agree that there’s one person that seems to be the most difficult to shop for year after year -- Dad. What would he want? Should I look for something more practical or more fun? Doesn’t he already have everything he wants? Can he actually ever have enough tee shirts?

Here’s a gift idea you might not have thought of -- The Autostop Eliminator!

If your Dad drives a vehicle that has an Auto Stop-Start feature, he probably finds it more annoying than you find your little sister. Stop the Autostop this holiday season with the Autostop Eliminator!

What is The Autostop Eliminator?

The Auto Stop-Start or Engine Stop-Start (ESS) vehicle feature is designed by manufacturers to improve fuel economy while a vehicle is at rest. When the brake is applied and the vehicle is stopped, the engine temporarily turns off and automatically restarts as the brake is released. 

Some of the newer vehicles with this feature have the option to turn it on or off with a button or switch, but it resets every time you leave your vehicle. This is the issue that the Autostop Eliminator fixes!

The Autostop Eliminator is an intelligent plug and play device for your vehicle that remembers when you turn Auto Start-Stop off and works to restore your preference automatically. Each time the button is pressed, your preference is saved to internal memory for 20 years from that moment and, if you only occasionally want to stop the Auto Stop-Start, the Autostop Eliminator will not interfere with the vehicle's default behavior if you press the button to re-enable it.

How does The Autostop Eliminator work?

You may have seen a hack or two on social media or online somewhere that claims to fix the annoyance. These initially seem more user-friendly and nicer to your wallet, but at the end of the day, these hacks do not work correctly. The creators usually just want views, likes, shares, or subscriptions without regard for the quality of their approach. At the end of the day, The Autostop Eliminator is the only no-compromise option. Check out some of the ways to cut corners and our feelings on some of the most well-known hacks.

We’ve chosen a solid-state, battery-free, microprocessor-based design built with automotive and military grade components which provide a SOLUTION that WON'T DAMAGE your vehicle. Each Autostop Eliminator uses an Auto Start-Stop switch assembly male pigtail connector as well as the female variant so that it can attach to the harness or switch with no modifications. It's easy, reliable, and 100% reversible and, in most cases, installation is very easy and takes only a few minutes.

To put it simply: You add it to your cart, buy it, wait for it to deliver, put it in your vehicle, and turn off your Auto Start-Stop. That’s it. No more hassle or annoyance, and no side effects or modifications.

Will The Autostop Eliminator work for my dad’s vehicle?

The Autostop Eliminator is equipped to fit in many different vehicle brands, but not all. We are working very hard to expand our selection, but that doesn’t take away from the quality of those we have! There are even mark downs and featured vehicles on our website. Some of those include Ford, Dodge, GM, and Jeep. Check to see if your dad’s vehicle made the list!

Is this the best gift ever or the best gift ever?

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be convinced at this point. Let’s recap:

  • Stop Dad’s annoyance
  • Easy as buy, wait, install, forget about it
  • No compromises, side effects, or unwanted modifications
  • Quality components
  • 100% reversible when wanted
  • One of a kind gift for Dad

If you haven’t already “Added to Cart,” here’s a couple other facts about the Autostop Eliminator that just might change your mind:

The device is designed and manufactured in the USA. Every component that's available in the USA is bought in the USA. Even our circuit boards are manufactured and populated in the USA. We support our country!

The device is also Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant. This is a great directive that helps protect our health and the environment by ensuring compliant electronic devices meet very strict harmful substance guidelines. We only consider RoHS compliant components for our devices.

Lastly, at this point, we have not received a single report of a warranty related issue. You can always check with the service manager before getting your vehicle serviced to get the best read on where they stand, but for most dealer visits, the removal is unnecessary unless you're having a start/stop issue or an issue with the infotainment.

Visit the Autostop Eliminator website to purchase yours and wait for Dad’s relief when it’s installed.

As it turns out, he can have too many tee shirts.

Happy Holidays!

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