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The Disconnected Harness Hack


  • On the internet, you can find out several ways to hack the auto stop tech on your vehicle, including disconnecting a harness.
  • Not only is there a great chance that hacking your car with the disconnect harness hack will void your warranty, it can cause major functionality issues with other parts of your vehicle.
  • The Autostop Eliminator is a much safer way to permanently disable the auto stop feature without making your car unsafe to drive or voiding your warranty.


With the disconnected harness hack, what you will do is detach one of a few harnesses throughout the vehicle. The goal here is to achieve the side effect of disabling the auto start-stop functionality.

We understand that repeatedly pressing a button to disable the auto start-stop functionality can be maddening. That is the whole reason behind creating the Autostop Eliminator in the first place. At the same time, Ford and other vehicle manufacturers DO NOT have a harness anywhere on the vehicle which can be disconnected to only disable the auto start-stop functionality. Additionally, Ford and other vehicle manufacturers DO NOT add any extra wiring harnesses and modules to their vehicles without a specific purpose. Any wire that’s unplugged from the vehicle WILL disable some other feature on your vehicle. Disconnecting a random harness is going to have the negative side effect of not being able to operate your vehicle safely on the road, which can lead to accidents and even death. 

One of the most common harnesses that people detach as part of the disconnected harness hack, also happens to completely disable the trailer brakes. Talk about unsafe. To reiterate, if you disconnect a random harness on your vehicle, you will lose functionality of a driving feature or a safety feature. Plus, by removing a harness, you are petty much guaranteeing that you will be at fault for any accidents you get into. Please DO NOT disconnect random plugs & harnesses from your vehicle. It truly is a safety issue, and the disconnected harness hack is not worth risking your safety or your life.

For roughly the price of a tank of gas, you can solve the problem of permanently disabling the start stop technology with an engineered solution that is safe and will not void your warranty nor cause you to instantly be at fault for an accident. Get an Autostop Eliminator for your vehicle today.

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