The Auto Stop-Start Disconnected Harness Hack – Autostop Eliminator

The Disconnected Harness Hack

With the disconnected harness hack, you detach one of a few harnesses throughout the vehicle, which are known to have a side effect of disabling the auto start-stop functionality.

We understand that repeatedly pressing a button to disable the auto start-stop functionality can be maddening, but Ford doesn’t have a harness anywhere on the vehicle which can be disconnected, only disabling auto start-stop functionality. Any wire that’s unplugged from the vehicle is going to have negative side effects. Ford doesn’t add extra wiring harnesses and modules for no reason.

One of the most common harnesses to detach also happens to completely disable the trailer brakes. Please don’t disconnect random plugs from your vehicle. It truly is a safety issue, and it’s not worth risking your safety.

For roughly the price of a tank of gas, you can solve the problem with an engineered solution.

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