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Auto Stop Disable Device Comparison


  • There are 5 main companies that make a device to override the auto stop technology on vehicles.
  • Most of these devices change the computer programming on the vehicle which can void the vehicle's warranty.
  • Autostop Eliminator is the only auto stop device maker whos device will not change the computer programming in your car and it's made in America.



Comparison of Popular Auto Start/Stop Devices

With the success of the Autostop Eliminator being an easy solution to permanently disable the auto start/stop feature on a vehicle, there have been some more companies that have popped up with their own version of this device. You might be asking yourself, which device is better? These devices will all achieve the desired result of disabling the auto stop feature, but in different ways. It’s HOW these devices will disable the auto stop feature that really differentiates the different devices from the different companies.

Different Brands That Make An Auto Stop Disable Device

Like we mentioned, there have been several brands that have created an auto start/stop disable device. Some of these brands who have replicated the Autostop Eliminator include: 4D Tech, FORScan, Range Technology, and Smart StopStart. Let’s look at the pros and cons of these different auto stop devices.

4D Tech Start Stop Eliminator

4D Tech makes a lot of accessories for cars and trucks. Their products include radios, cameras, tools, and more recently, a start/stop device. The 4D Tech start/stop device is similar to the Autostop Eliminator as it plugs into a diagnostic port. Also like the Autostop Eliminator, it will remember your preference for if you want the auto stop on or off. It is also similar in price as it starts at $99.99.

Pros Of The 4D Tech Start Stop Eliminator

There are pros to this device. The easy installation is nice, especially for those of us who do not possess a masters degree in auto electrical engineering. The device is small, so it is not intrusive to the driver. 4D Tech provides a 1-year warranty on the device and a 30-day return policy so you can easily return it if the device is now working as you feel it should.

Cons Of The 4D Tech Start Stop Eliminator

The biggest con of the 4D Tech Start Stop Eliminator is the fact that it will change the programming of your vehicle. For this device to work, it connects with the computer system of your vehicle to make a slight change to the programming to stop the start/stop engine feature. Whenever the computer programming on your vehicle is changed by a 3rd party device, it has the possibility to void your warranty. On top of that, as we know with computers, when there are updates to the core programming, there is the possibility that the updates won’t work with the other programs on it. This is especially true for 3rd party programs & devices. Just be aware with the 4D Tech Start Stop Eliminator that there is the potential for computer errors which can disable your vehicle and/or your warranty.

FORScan Auto Stop Disable

FORScan isn’t an auto stop disable device. It is a computer program that connects to your vehicle where you can change all kinds of computer programming. One of those options to change would be the auto stop feature. FORScan is primarily used by auto mechanics but anyone can purchase a license to use their software.

Pros of FORScan For Auto Stop Disable

By using FORScan, you can update the computer programming to disable the auto start stop feature from the convenience of your computer. Your vehicle will not need a 3rd party device, nor will any warranty be voided because a 3rd party device did not change the computer programming. 

Cons of FORScan For Auto Stop Disable

Since this is a computer program that controls many aspects of a vehicle, you better know what you are doing, or you can really damage your vehicle. The biggest reason why not to use FORScan is that when the auto stop is disabled through this software, the Battery Management System (BMS) is also disabled. The BMS does a lot of things from controlling the electric vehicle battery to helping to maintain battery temperature & performance. This might not be a system you would want to override.

Range Technology Start/Stop Disabler

Range Technology is another auto tech device company. They make a few products which include an AFM Disabler, the Pulsar LT (which overrides several systems in a vehicle), t-shirts, and of course an auto stop disabler device simply called Start/Stop Disabler. The Range Technology Start/Stop Disabler is probably the closest device to the Autostop Eliminator. It sells on their website for $172.

Pros Of The Range Technology Start/Stop Disabler

The Range Technology Start/Stop Disabler is a small device that easily plugs right into the OBD-II port of your Ford or GM vehicle. It does not override any programming and simply remembers your preference of wanting the auto stop on or off. Like we said earlier, it is probably the closest device to the Autostop Eliminator.

Cons Of The Range Technology Start/Stop Disabler

One of the biggest cons is that this device is ONLY available for Ford & GM vehicles. Although Ford & GM vehicles are popular in America, a lot of people drive other makes of cars that have the auto stop engine feature. Another con is that this device is not legal in California. Their site says they are in the process of becoming legal in California, but this can take a lot of time. Finally, the last con to this device to consider is the price. Of all the options available to disable the auto stop system, this one is by far the most expensive without adding any additional features to justify the cost.

SmartStopStart Auto Stop Override Module

SmartStopStart is an auto tech device company out of Arlington, VA. They exclusively make auto start stop devices. Their device is attached near the negative battery cable and will override the auto stop feature on a vehicle. The price for a SmartStopStart Auto Stop Override Module is $140-$150.

Pros of the SmartStopStart Auto Stop Override Module

The SmartStopStart Auto Stop Override Module is attached near the car’s battery so the device is under the hood and not taking up any ports within the vehicle. This allows you to use other auto tech devices simultaneously. The auto stop will always be active after proper installation, so you don’t ever need to think about this again.

Cons of the SmartStopStart Auto Stop Override Module

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cons to the SmartStopStart Auto Stop Override Module. First, it is only available for a few selected models from Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Chevy, Buick, GMC, & Cadillac. Second, you can never turn the auto stop feature back on in case you want or need to use it. Third, this device is illegal in California, and they have no plans to try to become legal in California. Fourth, there are lots of reviews online that claim this device negatively affects other aspects of the vehicle such as the AC and remote start. Finally, the price is higher than other brands that work better.

Why Use The Original Autostop Eliminator

The Autostop Eliminator is the original auto start/stop disable device. Although you can get some decent results with some of these other brands, the Autostop Eliminator doesn’t have the cons that these other brands have. The Autostop Eliminator is legal in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, & Australia. It does not change any programming on your vehicle but rather simply remembers your preference if you want the auto stop engine feature on or off (which can be toggled). We make an Autostop Eliminator for 10 different car makes and for several models of their vehicles (we can make more upon demand). Our auto start/stop disable device will not void any warranty nor will it affect any other system in your vehicle. Plus, we are less expensive than the rest of the brands. Visit our website and see if we have an Autostop Eliminator device for your vehicle.

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