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Auto Start-Stop System Dashboard Light Variations


  • Many vehicles that come with auto stop tech have a dashboard light to indicate when it is working.
  • The dashboard light for the auto stop feature can be different depending on the vehicle manufacturer.
  • A way to never worry about the auto stop tech on your vehicle again is to purchase an aftermarket disabler product like the Autostop Eliminator.


If you haven’t heard of cars that have an auto start stop system in place, then allow us to explain. An auto start-stop engine is a technology that automatically turns off your vehicle’s engine every time it detects that the vehicle has come to a stop. The engine will also start back up automatically once it detects that the gas pedal has been pressed. You can see how this technology could make life easier, but also how it could make life harder. The auto start-stop system is most commonly symbolized as a circle shaped arrow circling the letter A.

The catch is, there are so many different dashboard lights and errors that could potentially pop up. Let’s be real, if this happens to you, where’s the first place you’re going to look? Your vehicle’s manual, or the internet? Autostop Eliminator has created this blog for your benefit in hopes that it can help you in the event a dashboard indicator light for the auto start-stop system suddenly comes on. 

Auto Start-Stop System Trouble Indicators

It’s important to note that regardless of what country you purchase your vehicle from, if there is an issue with your auto start-stop system, then it will either be orange-red, blinking, or both. It’s also important to note that if your vehicle has any of the following troubleshoot indicators, in order to reduce the added damage done to your vehicle from the auto start stop system, you should take your vehicle to your brand’s dealer. 


Start Stop Trouble Indicator Lights

The auto start stop with exclamation point dashboard indicator light lets you know that the system is working correctly.

The above images are all Start/Stop Trouble Indicators lights that appear on different vehicles. Depending on where you purchased your vehicle from will determine what your auto start-stop system indicators will look like. For example, in Canada, the symbol would look like an exclamation point in a circular arrow.


A Button

There are several different ways the start stop dashboard lights on your dashboard appear depending on the type of vehicle.

The images above are most commonly used in Europe and the U.S. with the “A” referring to Automatic Start/Stop and its functionality takes place without manual action. A common misconception with these particular dashboard indicators is that the exclamation point infers an issue. If you have this symbol, then know that it doesn’t mean there’s an issue, it’s active and working properly.


Eco Mode Lights

The auto start stop indicator light on your dashboard will turn green when your vehicle is in Eco Mode & using less gas.

The above images are other possible dashboard lights that might appear if you have an auto start-stop system actively in place. One of the main purposes of the invention of auto start stop technology is to help reduce gas emissions released from your vehicle. That is done by automatically turning your vehicle off and then on again like we explained earlier. Hence the first photo above that’s a circular arrow with the word “ECO” inside it. Some vehicles will have this as its symbol to represent its emissions benefits. If it’s green, then it indicates that the start-stop system is active. If your vehicle gives you an “i-stop” troubleshoot, then that means there is something malfunctioning with your auto start-stop system and that it will not work until fixed. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way of telling what the issue with your start-stop system could be until you look under the hood. If your auto start stop system gives you an auto start-stop system error indicator, it is still alright to drive, the system just won’t work. However, to avoid furthering damage to the system, you should get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible. 

How to Fix Auto Start-Stop System Errors

Being able to fix a problem with your car on your own can feel empowering. Not being able to fix a problem with your car on your own can be provoking. There are numerous lights that pop on when there is an issue with your system, and oftentimes, the issue with the system can only be fixed by a professional. For most people, when a dashboard light comes on in their car, there is an immediate release of stress and anxiety that follows due to the fear that something is seriously wrong with your form of transportation, because more times than not, only proper service and/or repairs will ensure that your car is safe for driving. 

If you’re in this boat right now, you can always take your vehicle to the closest auto shop and pay time and time again to have the malfunctions reset. OR to avoid having to deal with auto start-stop system trouble indicators that may pop up on your dashboard, altogether, get an Autostop Eliminator. The Autostop Eliminator technology permanently disables the start-stop feature until you want to turn it back on.  

Permanently Disable Auto Start-Stop System with Autostop Eliminator

We hope that this blog was helpful in providing you with the possible problem with your auto start-stop system. However, like we mentioned above, you’re able to easily avoid having to deal with any auto start-stop engine errors with our technology. 

Our motor vehicle accessory product, the Autostop Eliminator, safely plugs into your car, disabling your vehicle’s automatic engine shut off technology. The Autostop Eliminator does not void any car warranties or change any presets. In less than five minutes, this disabler of the auto start/stop system can be functioning on your vehicle. We carry an Autostop Eliminator for many different vehicle makes. Check out our website to see if we carry our product for your vehicle make or to learn more about the Autostop Eliminator.

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